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Psion Zebra Workabout PRO 7528L G4 - Details


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Psion Zebra Workabout PRO 7528L G4

  • Psion Zebra Workabout PRO - Modell 7528L G4.
  • Model: latest generation G4 with alphanumeric keyboard = letter and numbers keypad.
  • System: Windows CE 6 or Windows Mobile Handheld 6.5, please choose below.
  • Links: Pulster-FAQ-Quick-Infos -- Brochure --Specifications.
  • Condition: NEW, with 1 year warranty = free repair service.
  • What you get: Workabout PRO unit with stylus and new 4400mAh battery (please order charger, scanner etc extra). This offer matches Psion Zebra WA4L11000100020W (CE.net) resp. WA4L21000100020W (WinMobile).
  • We are a Psion Zebra shop with own real stocks of this offer, ready to ship worldwide.
  • Special offer.